Our engineering team are highly experienced not just only 2.4GHz but also the higher frequency (up to 10GHz) data communication. Propagation provides customized wireless communication solutions. Our RF engineer interested in Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and UWB technologies

Embedded Firmware

Propagation provides firmware development service. We have extensive experience in different platform, TI, Microchip, Freescale, Atmel, ST etc.


Propagation has in house Native app development (Objective-C/Swift in iOS and Java in Android). We have been publishing 40+ apps for both Android and iOS since 2009.

Cloud Server

With having the one stop solution of Embedded WiFi application, Propagation also provide the cloud development service for the IoT application. The cloud development includes the database management, cloud to cloud application (like Alexa skill) and the interface to the mobile interface. Based on the AWS development platform with Mongodb database, IoT application can be easily implemented.