Bluetooth mesh module

Propagation Systems Limited has been established with the ambition to provide a total embedded electronic solution to customers. As a one-stop solution provider, our Hong Kong based in-house electronic hardware

Bluetooth Mesh Module

The Bluetooth mesh solution is able to let user to form a mesh network by using the smartphone easily. The mesh networking technology has been applied on the Bluetooth standard since 2017. It is widely used in the Home Automation, Security alarm and Metering application. By using the advertising packet as the mesh networking core, Bluetooth Mesh becomes robust and mature technology for the consumer electronics.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT Solution for portable devices

Apart from the Low cost BLE solution offered to the market, Propagation also provides a Low Power solution for portable devices. The ultra low power Bluetooth module is the best solution for watches, locks, toys and any wearable devices. It offers long range operation with up to 30 meters transmission to smart phones. During the development, the radiated power can be configurable in order to reduce the power consumption during transmission. Propagation Systems Limited is able to provide the antenna matching service, firmware customization as well as application hardware development on your project.

Low Cost Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Propagation offers the low cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module for various range of application. One of the target BLE application is sending control signal like configuring hundreds color of the lantern. The low cost solution also offers an effective communication distance to the phones with over 50 feet. Definitely, Propagation is able to customise the firmware, hardware and the application on different products.